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There is a wide variety of FREE technology training offered by Hume City Council. This page outlines some of the services available





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IT Modules

Below is a range of IT related training modules on offer

Introduction to computers
Not sure how to use a computer? Donít know a mouse from a hard drive, an operating system from a keyboard, your RAM from your ROM? This introductory lesson will help you to learn the basic functions to confidently use a computer.

Introduction to Windows 8
Itís new, itís different and you will not be able to buy a new Windows based computer without it. Find out the basics and discover what has changed to get you started with Windows 8

Using an iPad
Learn the basics of how to use an iPad. Discover how to swish and go, set up an account, take great pictures and find great apps. Find out what all the buzz is about

Introduction to Twitter
Do you want to do some social networking? Learn how to follow different topics and build a network of followers? Learn how to safely get the most out of Twitter in these sessions

Introduction to eBay
eBay is a great online market place. Learn how to set up an account, securely buy and sell all sorts of items and how to participate in auctions

How to use the internet
The internet can be a big scary place. Learn how to use the internet safely and resourcefully to travel the world, pay your bills and connect with friends.

Introduction to Facebook
Learn the basics to ensure that your social networking experience is fun, effective and safe

Taking and manipulating digital pictures
Get the most out of your digital camera and learn how to transform your pictures. Share your ideas and impress your family, friends and even yourself

Introduction to Skype
Free and low cost telephone calls all over the world. Itís not a dream Ė itís Skype. Learn the basics and discover how you can make video conference calls so that you can see the people that you are talking to

Peer-to-peer sharing
Do you wonder how people get access to films, software and television shows on their computers? Learn how to use peer-to-peer software to legally share a wide range of different media files

Using an Apple Mac computer
Is the Apple Mac computer a mystery to you? Do you want to find out what the difference is between an Apple Mac and a Window based PC computer? Discover the answers to these questions

Introduction to iTunes
Music, books, videos, films Ė if only there was somewhere to get them all. iTunes may be the answer. Find out how to use iTunes on different devices including computers, tablets and phones

Net. Safety for parents
Are you worried about what your children are doing on the internet? Learn about the different dangers on the internet and steps you can take to protect yourself

How to buy a computer
Do you know your GBs from your MBs? Does RAM mean anything to you? Do you know how to measure clock speed? If you are looking at purchasing a computer, then come to this session to help you get the best value for your money

Selecting an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Donít know your ADSL from your Broadband? Your Ďbundledí from your Ďunbundledí or the speed that you need? Learn how to choose the best internet service provider to make your internet a happy and affordable experience

Blogging and Vlogging
Would you like to share your thoughts online? Have you thought of Blogging or Vlogging? Not sure what these mean Ė then come along and find out

Creating movies
You have some ideas and you want to make a movie, but you donít know where to start? You can make the next big hit. Learn how to make movies using your computer, some basic props and your imagination

Setting up and using an internet email account
Do you want to set up one or more email accounts that you can use anywhere in the world? Learn how to use Yahoo mail, Gmail or Hotmail to communicate and share information with your friends and colleagues

Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Images
Google is more than just a search engine. Learn some of the other useful features that Google has to offer. Discover any location in the world with Google Maps and Google Earth. Find that great image youíre looking for or explore a topic through pictures with Google Images

Using Microsoft Office
Learn the basics of Microsoft Office Ė how to type a letter, create a pamphlet, make a presentation, generate a birthday card, keep a list of your music and much more

Video manipulation
Do you have a video you want to edit? Learn how to improve and edit your videos

Radio on the internet
Unlimited music, loads of talk, unrestricted current affairs from all over the world. Learn how to use the radio on the internet to access alternative views and get a different perspective on a wide range of issues and topics

Introduction to YouTube
Amateur movies, fun video clips, instructional videos, documentaries Ė all this and more. Learn how to find, upload and download videos to share with friends and family

Transferring records and cassettes to CD
Do you have a large vinyl record collection? Are you looking at buying vinyl records? Want to keep them safe and secure? Learn the legal way to transfer them to digital format

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Are you looking for a quick and easy way to transfer files anywhere in the world. Learn how to use FTP, a free, fast and simple way to move files from one device to another


IT Promotional Chatterbox
Download the chatterbox, print it and then follow the instructions to fold it so that you have a classic chatterbox game