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What's it all about:

This page aims to act as a portal to various sites created by Andre. Just click on any of the icons or titles on the right to bring up each of the individual websites.

Hopefully, this portal will provide a simple and memorable address enabling easy access to any of these sites which may be of interest.



A website  containing information about the family, including the pets, Some may call it indulgent but I hope it is a bit of fun - especially the videos and slideshow of the big trip.






A tribute to Australian Music of the 50's, 60's & 70's. Featuring numerous video clips, pictures and slideshows as well as a tribute to the Sunbury Music Festivals.





  A collection of material celebrating the Sunbury Festivals held between 1972 and 1975. Watch the videos, read the articles, view the slideshows, read the council files and do the quiz  

A site containing numerous quizzes and puzzles on a wide range of topics, Some are really difficult (try the Famous Swords quiz) and others are much easier. Truly eclectic and hopefully amusing.






A series of games made from the Sunshine High School class photos of 1967 to 1972 inclusive. Try the jigsaws, slider and match-it games for each of these years.

  A series of games made from the Sunshine East Primary School class photos of 1960 to 1966 inclusive. Try the jigsaws, slider and match-it games for each of these years.  



Created to assist people in developing their Internet and email skills. A range of tutorials and helpful information for the novice to the expert.


Watch a range of different videos - everything from family histories to tributes of the Blues, Conan, Janis Joplin, The Silver Surfer and much more.

  A  timeline of developments since 2400BC listing the major achievements contributing to technology as we know and use it today. Check it out - you will be surprised  





See the work completed by young people engaged in Computer Clubs. Videos, claymation and information - all on public display.


Everyone loves a good story!!! Sharing our Stories is a project, supported by Hume City Council, to enable people to explore life in the Hume region, to tell their own stories and to develop skills along the way.

  A site to promote the IT at Hume programs. Some fun games to play - lots of oldies but goodies. Worth checking out  
  Aims to extend the classic Warhol motifs and play around with movement and sound - options that were not so readily available to Warhol during
his time