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Assorted Official Documents Relating to the Festivals
Below is a range of official documents, arranged in chronological order, relating to the Sunbury Festivals
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Link Description Date

Original proposal by Odessa Promotions for the Sunbury Summer Happening 1971
Letter to Department of Health seeking recommendations and advice 24/11/71
Approval from Department of Health 15/12/71
Approval from State Rivers and Water Supply Commission of Victoria 20/12/71
Catering Tender by Carlyon Dax 23/12/71
Country Fire Authority letter expressing concerns 31/12/71
Country Fire Authority letter advising postponement of event 10/12/72
Council letter refusing support but allowing Festival 05/01/72
Solicitors letter to Council requesting a firebreak 14/01/72
Notes on Police Conference discussing the Summer Happening 14/01/72
Council request for additional Health Inspectors 17/01/12
Council request for a firebreak 17/01/12
Commission of Public Health agreeing to provide Health Inspectors 19/01/72
Police Conference - handwritten notes 20/01/72
Catering arrangements by Carlyon Dax Catering 21/01/72
Confirmation of provision of public toilet facilities 25/01/72
Offer of complimentary tickets 25/01/72
$2,000 receipt for bond from Odessa Promotions 26/01/72
Letter from City Engineer outlining traffic control arrangements 26/01/72
Shire Engineer letter confirming water testing arrangements 26/01/72
Handwritten report of the day 31/01/72
Letter of protest 03/02/72
Bacteriological report 07/02/72
Extracts from Council Minutes 07/02/72
List of food services 17/02/72
Commission of Public Health requirements for Pop Festivals 01/03/72
Various protest letters and Council response 15/03/72
Security refund calculations and other disbursements 23/03/72
Parliamentary Debate extract 11/04/72
Chemical Engineer report on E. Coli tests before and after Festival 12/04/72
Extract of Council Minutes  carrying a motion to oppose the Festival 04/09/72
Extract of Council Minutes discussing Festival proposal for 1973 20/11/72
Extract of Council Minutes discussing Festival proposal for 1973 04/12/72
Summary of injuries in '74 07/02/74

Aerial Photograph of site Unknown
Council requirements for future Festivals Unknown
Police instructions for the Festival (with handwritten notes) Unknown
Police instructions for the Festival (without handwritten notes) Unknown
Hand drawn site schematic Unknown
Advertisement that Council will seek power to regulate future Festivals Unknown

Sunbury 1984 - The Festival That Never Was

Proposal for 1984 Festival with hand written notes 14/11/83
Council Minutes 05/12/83
Letter acknowledging promoter's intention not to proceed in 1984 19/12/03
Letter to Attorney-General seeking advice 23/12/83